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Posted by on 1998 Dec 29 |

Hiding Gorbesh? Wha?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 185 Uthmor 356)

EEEEH sums it up, eh Baresh? The gorbesh are–yup–hiding apparently.

Today in the Crossing, well, lemme tell you. Some people noticed a glowing portal (which may or may not still be there) Well, it took me to Treveri’s keep. (Ya know, the Guardian Mage?)

Well, in dere was a critter creation room and, well, it scares me! In that room, if you SEARCH around, you can see a Gorbesh Mage, a Gorbesh Archer, and a Gorbesh Archer in hiding!

They seemed to be frozen. But what happens when they thaw, Baresh? ::shivers:: I couldn’t point them out though. I seen it fer meself! You might want to try to check it out yerself, Baresh, but be warned, I heard a rumor that sometimes the portal teleports you to the Gorbesh lands. (I can’t confirm that, I don’t really want to anyway.)

Anyhow, if the Gorbesh are hiding in our very midst at some Guardian Mage’s very own quarters to come get us . . . Well, I dunno, Baresh. What are we gonna do?