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Posted by on 1999 Feb 22 |

Horrible Invasion in the Cemetary

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 4 Akroeg 357)

Ello, your faithful bard again to tell you some news, this time its not good though.

It was New Years Day, and as all people do I was hanging out in me guild. Suddenly a bard by the name of Wrister started telling us about some visions that clerics (of all people) were having. I can’t remember them entirely (having had a little too much to drink) but I remeber it was something about a woman riding a black unicorn. [Editor’s Note: Midwinter’s Night is the night of Asketi’s Ride.]

Suddenly we got word there was a huge invasion in the cemertary. I decided not to check it out, fearing my life, but eventually my curiousity got the best of me. Hundreds were dead, most of the creatures there had ranged or thrown weapons, and people could be killed on the spot when they entered. Hundreds had died, and many had been killed more than once or twice. Moongates were being set up to go from the outside of the cemetary to the cleric’s guild.

The creatures there were manicacs, Tiny Velvers half the size of hobbits, killed with tiny bows and arrows. Win Dinegos attack in swarms, Death spirits were ruthless, and rotten scrouges plagued the rooms. People with up to 200 evasion were still being hit by these creatures. All attacks by citizens of the Crossing and other cities had been repelled with great losses on our side.

Until a amazing mage by the name of Molark had an idea. He discovered that the spell thunderclap worked like a charm at stunning these invaders. Him and another paladin that I have lost the name of proposed a plan.

About thirty people were involved. The plan was to go to the far outskirts of the cemetary and slowly work our way in, using thunderclap to distract and then kill the ruthless invaders. Slowly we worked our way around the cemetary until we had cleared every trace of the creatures out of the cemetary. Victory was ours, with very few wounded, and I think none killed — once we implemented the plan.

Still even with our deathless victory, clerics had more than their share of work raising the dead, and empaths had even more work healing the wounded. More than enough of our loyal friends and family were killed by these invaders, who many say make the gorbesh look like field goblins!

Is the invasion a sign? Later visions say that next new years that they will return in greater numbers! Should we really be worrying about the Gorbesh while there are these heartless creatures about?

All I can say is that I dunno. Be safe all of you, and have my pity for those who died in the awful battle.

Faithful Bard, Fflewddur Fflame