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Posted by on 1999 Jan 7 |

Lindryl & Ralel Another Perspective

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 221 Arhat 356)

Well Baresh I’ll tell you this, There have been some interesting things said about Lindryl and Ralel and the overall fate of Leth Deriel. I guess I would like to tell you my half since Lindryl is a old friend of mine and I hate to see her in such pain or to see such accusations made against her.

It’s been said That Lindryl would never give up the power of Leth Deriel. I know this already to not be fact. few Nights ago I believe the following Andu before Kerilidail went on her little I’ve a got secret spree I was sitting in the Tree in leth after a few of us talked to Lindryl. A Guard came up to me an asked if I would join Lindryl at the top of the tree.

Now being an old friend I went up there, It’s been a hard time on the poor girl. She talked to me and told me of her marriage to Ralel, I wasn’t surprised as I often wondered why she did not marry Keirnen. another thing she asked me was if She should give leth deriel to Ralel and go with her lover back to the Island of Rissa where she and he hail from. I vehemently said no.

It has also been said that Lindryl does not care of the safety of Leth as well, This is also a grave Rumor. There is not a day that goes by that Lindryl is not inspecting the battlements or walking through leth. you can see her people like her. She has also been a good Mayor, after all did she not set up refugee tents in Leth during the Gorbesh war? Did she not set up a Free soup kitchen to feed the masses?

And what of Ralel? A person many flock to. He’s a common terrorist. He kidnaps his wife’s lover, why? Not because he loves or ever loved Lindryl. He married her for the wrong reasons as surely as she married him. No but to gain a hold over her. If Any of you do not recall, in Elven society being a politician is not an honored position. what Ralel wants leth for is a base of power, so he may expand and carve out his own little empire.

You Think Ralel wants what is best for Leth Deriel? no, Ralel wants what’s best for Ralel. OR have we all forgotten poor Gwindahl? what other atrocities will Ralel commit?

Well Baresh, that’s what I think. I am growing tired of political intrigue, give me another glass of Orange juice… and could slip a little bit of that clear alcohol in it? thanks.