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Posted by on 1999 Feb 10 |

Mini Festie Coming and Going?

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 356 Dolefaren 356)

Seems that things have been alittle strange around these parts… but who knows!

All I know is that one night I was told there was a mini festival in Shard… the next day I traveled there, as I arrived I saw almost no one, quite odd I thought. When I got to the area where the festival was supposed to be — nothing was dere! All I found that could have been remotely linked to the festie was an old alterer’s wagon, near the faithful bard’s guild. There were a few signs indicating that one more person had something due to be altered… but nothing else.

Even so… the traveling quenched the thirst I have as a bard, but why was my trip awasted? I dunno, either I was subject to a joke or that was one short festival. I would like to know more bout this short festival but alas all people can say is that it wasn’t good…

Just wanted you to know bout this if ye hadn’t heard of it before!

Faithful Bard, Fflewddur Flame