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Posted by on 1999 Jan 9 |

Ogre Scouts Replaced by Better Shots?

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 227 Arhat 356)

Aye, I would like something strong to drink. Thanks. I really need it!

It has been a hard day, listen to this. Yesterday I went to hunt ogres with my family for the first time in Haven. Well, let me tell you this I was doing good for awhile the out of nowhere I took a bolt in the belly. Aye was not good. Very soon I had a whole room of Empaths and clerics trying to help me.

I am not an expert for I have not hunted them before, but I heard some of the older more experienced hunters say they thought the scouts had toughened up. Well why did they say that? Cause what started with me only on the ground there soon became 10 to a dozen corpses. All dead at the bows of the Ogre Scouts.

Many a warrior died in one shot from the scouts while trying to guard the healers. Aye, you’re right tis nothing unusual. But some of these who died have not died in ogres or have never been killed in one shot by the scouts.

This is too many for just dumb luck, you know? One scout killed 5 adventurers before he was finally slain! I’ll bet reinforcements arrived, and they sent better shots this time.

Sorry I can’t think on it any more, (guzzles his ale) could I get another one? Thanks.