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Posted by on 1998 Nov 28 |

Ogres Looking For Lunch

(Crossing, Zoluren: 54 Ka’len 356)

Today, in a strange series of events, a gidii entered the Paladin’s Guild requesting help. Before anyone was able to sort out what was going in, a small army of trollkins rushed in and started attacking. Obviously after the gidii for lunch, the trollkin were quickly dispatched.

Shortly thereafter, a young ogre, wearing medium chain and carrying a leather-bound buckler and spiked mace appeared. Demaning to know where his "buddies" were, the young ogre quickly became agitated, as some of the less intelligent adventurers at the scene began to abuse the ogre.

Shouting, "The plate-heads did it! The plate-heads did it!", the young ogre called out to his friends, who promptly arrived at the scene and slew a few younger folks before we were able to get everything under control. When everything looked like it was almost safe, a gelv cyclops and dharvagers appeared, wreaking havoc and felling a few more, older adventurers.

After the cyclops and dharvagers were dispatched (rather quickly too), three young ogres were left standing in the Armory. After a failed attempt by myself and several others to communicate, once again, the ogre were accosted by a few obnoxious Paladins and some members of other Guilds. Eventually the ogres wandered away, leaving everyone wondering exactly what had just happened.