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Posted by on 1999 Jan 3 |

Ralel and Lindryl are Husband and Wife

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 201 Arhat 356)

This evening while silently lost in thought I was approached by Kerilidail who offered some very interesting information. To make a short conversation even shorter, it turns out that Ralel and Lindryl where married long ago. She is not of noble blood and married Ralel to gain a place in Queen Morganae’s court. To this day they are still married, but Lindryl deserted Ralel to be with her human lover, Keirnen. This is Lindryl’s little secret.

Since Ralel was charged guilty for treason by the Honorable Sir Haragil, he has been turned over to Lindryl who plans to turn him over to Morganae. Since the secret of her marrage to Ralel is out now, she can -in no way- harm him, either by her own hand or by turning him over to Morganae. If she did so, it would look too much like she’d had him conveniently killed in order to marry Keirnan. Also, with Ralel out of the picture, she alone holds power over Leth Deriel. Power she’d rather die than give up.