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Posted by on 1998 Dec 1 |

Ralel Arrested

(Crossing, Zoluren: 72 Ka’len 356)

Today, in the wee hours before the dawn, I heard Ralel’s voice on the gweth speaking of seeking vengeance. Within moments he passed me on his way into the Empath’s Guild in the Crossing. I followed him and he proceeded to throw a disease sphere. To my horror, I realized that he had most likely been throwing them all over town.

As the sphere contaminated us, several people advanced upon Ralel, and I prepared to halt him. Ralel was struck down in short order, and as he lay dead, the town guards swarmed upon him, clasped him in irons, and dragged him away.

We put together a small group, and in the course of patrolling town, we checked the jail, but found no sign of Ralel. Shortly thereafter we heard the following:

A Human crier steps in and announces, "Good citizens! The terrorist outlaw Ralel Maleiron has been captured. He will be detained for trial, the date of which has not been decided. The city is safe once again! " He then rushes off.

We continued the patrol but found the Crossing quiet…for now.