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Posted by on 1999 Jan 25 |

Ratha’s Luthiere Offers Weather-Resistant Instruments

(Ratha, Qi’Reshalia: 282 Skullcleaver 356)

Master Luthier Elepaio announced the opening of her shop on Amakra Close in Ratha. She is offering quality instruments to bards and others with an interest in music.

Several unusual selections are offerred for sale here, including a ritual S’kra Mur instrument. The real news is that Elepaio sells a few weather-resistant instruments. She was quick to point out that "weather-resistant" does not mean weather-proof, though.

However, the ability to use a small instrument in light weather when it is needed is going to make this shop a favorite pilgrimage for bards from all over the provinces.

When you go into the shop, remember to ask Elepaio about the instrument, she will tell you which are weather resistant, as well as something about some of the more exotic instruments which are traditional in this part of the Realms.