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Posted by on 1998 Dec 25 |

Some Answers to Our Problems, Maybe

(Crossing, Zoluren: 165 Uthmor 356)

Well here we are, Day two of Consumption… To those of you that dont know what this is, that is what you are infected with right now. How horible is that, when you walk into the empath guild and people are dieing and 80% of the empath force cant cure them. "Just lie done! dont move, your 6th in line!" is what most of us would hear.

Some were not as lucky as others. Myself, i only got it once and I was lucky enough to find an empath that has the skills to heal me. No doubt that without the support of empath guild everyone would be on their way to walking the road. While a mysterious merchant offers some snake oil for sale that does indeed cure the infection up, snake oil that people make on their own is not working.

I’m here to share something with you that i found very interesting- When i was researching in the library i came across an article which talked about the Bloodworm comet. Moonmages out there should know what i am talking about. For those of you that do nae know about this, I quote from a portion of Pentaith’s Encyclopedia entry:

"Bloodworm is a the name of a Comet that appears within the constellation of the Mongoose at specific times. Penelope the lich’s research showed that the comet appeared during times when the power of the gods might be greatly threatened.

"The Bloodworm Comet was last seen during the reign of Emperor Chezarek, who attempted to forge a pact with demons. Those demons later killed the Emperor. No more information is known about Chezarek, or the demons.

"Bloodworm Comet has been seen from the Mongoose for the past few years now. Its reason for appearing is not yet known, though it will prove to be catastrophic. "

This comet has been spotted many times in our skies over the past few years, and i think we know why. Do you think that the problems with are health came for no reason. This is the second major illness to attack us in the past 3 months. as it was written nothing good will come from the sightings of the comet. I do not know if the means anything, but im going back to the libary to study. Thanks for listening . . .