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Posted by on 1998 Dec 25 |

That S’kra Priest . . . Again!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 166 Uthmor 356)

Well,earlier today I was running about,giving snake oil out to those in dire need of it,and I saw Skarn Modizari once again. He was infected with that awful consumption epidemic.

I stalked him around town, he was stopping in every major area, infecting other people,then went up to Arthe Dale, infected three other people and came back to the Crossing. He died two steps south of the Jadewater Mansion, the whole time chanting "The L’karm shall come." He then departed.

A few moments later, I found him in the dark shrine again, telling his god that he spread the disease for him, (Ushnish) giving his life for his own god. He demanded power. I then heard a voice from the shadows.

"Well done Skarn,you do me proud."

Suddenly, I was somehow caught in one of those fell blacknesses that plague us from time to time, and was held there without being able to move or return to the land of light or anything for quite a while. Do these periods of blackness come from some dark source, or was this just a coincidence?

So I was left wondering, "Who is this strange S’kra . . . and how powerful is he, even thou he carries around ‘Novice’?"

When I could at last return from the fell blackness that overtook me, I finally found the priest, away from the shrine.

Being curious as always,I approached him, very intimtated.

I asked my first question, "Why do you worship that viper-headed god?"

His answer was simple and plain, "He isss my Father."

Those words were like death unto my ears. A son of a god…the god of diasease and famine..? Then I asked him why was he praying for power, when he could easily earn it.

"They ssstole my powersss from me! When I died and entered the void..I wasss ssstriped clean of all my powersss,and I demand the 13 to return them, ssso I beg my father. And If I do not get my powerssss back, woe to all godsss and Elanthiansss!"

After that tidbit, he began to babble and wail. Obviously the poor boy is crazy..but I do not take his threats lightly. Although I have never seen his eyes, I can still feel them upon me . . . drilling into my soul. It makes me shudder!

Also to add: It is rumored by several people that this priest is also working with the L’karm…why? My only guess is for more power. But I discard this rumor.

Your Loyal Field Scribe, Fassel Nimblefeet