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Posted by on 1998 Dec 12 |

The Eye of the Storm

(Ker’Leor, Therengia: 109 Lirisa 356)

I’ll tell ya Baresh, that wether a couple a nights ago was scary! Green lightning, warm rain that felt like pins and needles, it reminded me of thhose strange saiolors and pirates who invaded way back. But, I knew it was no hand of chance which delt us that storm…It was the obelisk…

Well anyway, I was up in the Ker’Leor so I decided to take a quick look at the obelisk. I was watching a bunch of people charge mana into it, which made it glow! I mean, that wasn’t all that much of a surprise, since Amiss earlier did remove the wards on it I heard. But the event to come was!

In all my years, I’ve never seen four bolts of energy shoot up into the sky and align the moons briefly! I guess this happened because many thought the obelisk was like a gaethzean sphere, because it glowed when mana was put into it. Well, it reacted with the mana and the four gems representing the three moons, as well as the lost fourth. There was a topaz for the once golden moon Katamba, a sapphire for Xibar, a ruby for yavash and finally a pearl for the fourth moon which was the World Dragons egg.

Anyway Baresh, I watched each beam shoot up and hit it’s moon, except the fourth. It just sorta went nowhere. I watched in horror as the obelisk melted and turned to slag. Now that really frightened me, I’ll tell ya that…But that storm that came wasn’t a "Picnic" either.

Bolts of green lightining skewered though the clouds and down apon us, hitting from the obelisk itself to shard I was told. Then, the Katambas-black crossbow bearing Death Spirit arrived. It was quickly kilt by whom I dont know. People were dieing rapidly at the obelisk, and I thank Meraud for the kindess of the gating Moon Mages. But the death spirit was not the only thing causing the casualties, the shattered pieces of the gems flew through the air, lethal in many cases.

After the storm anded I returned to the Crossing, and noticed after the chaos ending, a new time system. But was it worth all those deaths? You can never really tell the outcome of something till after you did it I guess, eh Baresh?