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Posted by on 1998 Dec 28 |

The Murder of Wren

(City, Province: 181 Uthmor 356)

This shall be short and to the point, Baresh.. Both of us (Kilan points to Essheal) have heard that Wren was killed by a fellow named Tyrone. We hear he killed her on a dare, and with a promise of a payment of 35 pieces of platinum for the murder!

All we have decided to say on the matter is that he is a fool!

Kilan’s voice raises like the sound of thunder making even Essheal flinch, "If he is spotted by me or Essheal he shall be killed plain an simple . . . questions will be asked later"

His voices becomes quiet again…sort of like the eye of a storm, "If he kills me…well…there are at least fifty other people willing an able to avenge me…."

I do this for my own reasons…not because of Wren, who has, I hear, forgiven the idiotic oaff.

Fare Thee Well Baresh