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Posted by on 1998 Nov 23 |

The People’s Republic of Zoluren is Recruiting

(Crossing, Zoluren: 40 Ka’len 356)

You overhear a messenger reading a long ledger at the bar…

"Citizens of Crossing, Leth Deriel, Kaerna, Dirge, Wolf Clan, Knife Clan, Tiger Clan, Stone Clan, and surrounding wildlands, recent events have caused chaos within the Three Provinces and have also aroused old issues (namely the Scrimm legacy). I have spoken with many of the well-respected members of our society and have chosen to overthrow the neglectful and wrongly-placed "mayor" Pendegast and his sparse loyals (for those of you who were not in Elanthia at the time, Pendegast made a terrorist hostage situations with the empath Tyler, the only way he could be let free with his life was the deed to Zoluren and more specificly Crossing — and he has not done anything for our fair province since).

But this is not a one woman job, particularly with Crossing being the most densely-populated city of Elanthia. To overthrow the current wretched monarchy is one thing, but to maintain peacefully and with just is another. After much devil’s advocate, this was what was decided as being the best solution: a democracy would be the best way to handle the matter. We will, through this message, invite everyone who wishes to apply to be voted upon for one of the office positions in the Cabinet (see below list). A board of temporary (and secret, for obvious reasons) decision-makers will select those who are to be put up for the election. Soon after, they will be publicly announced and a date will be set for the actual elections. Be assured though, Pendegast will not rise against five hundred or more of Zoluren’s (as well as any other citizens from Ilithi or Therengia) finest war veterans at his door — and if he does, the sight will not be appropriate for small children.

The People’s Republic of Zoluren will be an arena of thoughts. The Cabinet will hold monthly meetings. At each meeting, the people will be able to bring up topics with an open forum of all other gathered citizens loyal to the Republic, as well as the Cabinet, to discuss in full current events that may have involved one person to all of Elanthia. Though the Cabinet itself is reserved for political viewpoints, they are your representatives — so do chose them wisely. If you have a bone to pick, feel free to send a note to your representative who can duke it out with the other Cabinet members for you and get your voice heard; in a provinicial meeting, that may not be as easy. The Cabinet positions are as follows (if you see something missing, or would like to see another position covered, please contact the board as soon as possible for a timely retraction):

A. Guild Representatives — representatives of the specific Guilds to maintain equality and fairness.

  1. Representative of the Moon Mage Guild
  2. Representative of the Empath Guild
  3. Representative of the Paladin Guild
  4. Representative of the Trader Guild
  5. Representative of the Barbarian Guild
  6. Representative of the War Mage Guild
  7. Representative of the Ranger Guild
  8. Representative of the Thieves Guild.
(Note on the Thieves Guild: We do realize the current government denies it’s existence. As a citizen myself, I am quite aware that they exist, and many of them are quite nice and therefore deserve equal rights as long as they maintain their innocence as an independant. When the Republic comes into power though, it will be made public that the Thieves Guild does exist so the citizens who are unaware can be prepared.)

B. General Officers — distinguished decision-makers with various purposes.

  1. Speaker of the House — person who represents the Cabinet and it’s decisions and in turn gives voice to them; also maintains order in meetings and dictates each (position temporarily held by myself until we get things settled and voted upon).
  2. Secretary of State — notes who has been eluding the guards, who continually disregard the law, representative/defender of the people (in otherwords, if you’ve laid witness to a little known massacre/attack, talk to this person), leader of the Zoluren Military, and officer who can give out warrants for arrests and otherwise.
  3. Secretary of Affairs — officer who is usually very well up to date with the goings of Elanthia and makes sure the Cabinet is aware.
C. Other Representatives — representatives that cover everything else.
  1. Representatives of Orders — representative that stays in close contact with Order leaders (this position disqualifies this person from joining any particular Order, Clan, or what have you).
  2. Representative of the People — speaker that is equal in all thoughts and is a representative for all non-Estate Holders, Commoners, and the general opinion of the people.
  3. Ambassador of Ilithi — representative from Ilithi.
  4. Ambassador of Therengia — representative from Therengia.
  5. Representative of the Seven Races — the voice of racial reason.
  6. Representative of Estate Holders — self-explanitory.
  7. Representative of the Lorethew Mentor Society — speaker of the ongoing mentors.
If you feel you are qualified for any one of these positions and are interested in applying to be put up for election, please contact the Election Board with a letter saying your name, race, profession, why you want to be one of the officers/representatives, how you feel you could improve Zoluren (and Elanthia in general), and any other tidbits you would like to add — and most importantly, which position you wish to be considered for election. Look at my Message in the "Current Events" folder on the coffeetable here at the Wren’s Nest for more/updated information."

With that, the envoy runs off to each seperate table while you turn your head back to Baresh, who spits in a glass while rubbing it clean, "Well ain’t dat sumpin?"

(Send applications and questions to