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Posted by on 1999 Jan 8 |

The Playful Welkin ~ Grand Opening

(Crossing, Zoluren: 225 Arhat 356)

Ever have an item that you were just dying to get rid of, but didn’t know where to auction it? If you have, you’ve undoubtedly tried one of those antiquated auction outlets: Message boards, gwethed thoughts, and e-mail lists. (We already know the life expectancy of anyone’s hearing if they stand in front of the bank and sell or buy things is . . . not good) Well, now you no longer have to use them. In fact, auctioning items couldn’t be easier, now that I, Paxton Moneybags, have opened a new establishment!

Come visit us at The Playful Welkin, where we do all the auctioning work! That’s right, we even send out messengers to inform the bidders, and seller, of their status. And while we don’t do the actual delivering and exchanging, we do try to make it simpler. If somehow an item becomes unavailable for auction after being posted, simply send a message to me, Paxton, from the address listed upon the front door.

Just because much of our service is automated through magic, which I do not try to or pretend to understand, doesn’t mean that it isn’t personal. Etiquette still applies in The Playful Welkin, and the general rules of auctioning, as well as our own regulations that are posted, should be followed. We want to make your business transactions here to be as natural and as comfortable as possible. If you have a comment or suggestion, please write to me .

Don’t miss out on a revolutionary way to auction!

The Proprietor, Paxton Moneybags

[Ed Note: I am charmed. I have been waiting a long time for something this convenient to open up! In fact, I already put my extra haversack up for sale there. Be sure to wave to the cute little Welkin, he was over here at the Wren’s Nest for a while and our mascot, Wrenfirth, took quite a liking to him!]