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Posted by on 1998 Dec 21 |

The S’kra Priest

(Crossing, Zoluren: 153 Shorka 356)

Well Baresh,I must say, the S’kra I observed today was very strange. Let me tell you about it..

I had just been wandering around town, bored as usual and saw this really evil and dark looking shrine So, bein’ the brave ole’ halfling I am, I wandered in.

Well, at first, it was empty, so I sat down, stepped into a shadow and was going to take a nice nap, even thou the place was awfully dreary. Anyways, then this S’kra walked in. Skarn Modizari was his name. He looked typical, wearing long dark hooded cloak,word gold medallion and black robes. I stayed in the shadows cause this fella looked awfully intresting.

To my surprise, he began to scream and wail. He kneeled down before the image of Ushnish, praying and babbling. I only caught some pieces . . .

Skarn Hissed "Great Ussshnisssh! My powersss have been taken from me! I am powerlessssss! I cannot ssserve the Priessst of The Dragon without them!"

There was some more wailing that I couldn’t make heads or tails of.

Then Skarn hissed "Long yearsss hasss it been! I have been reborn into a powerlessssss body!"

Now I thought this lad was a bit crazy . . . but he was awfully scary. I fell from the shadows (I tripped over a rock or something) and when he stared at me, I was so scared my knees buckled and I thought he was going to kill me! But,thank all gods(except dem bad ones) he turned and started to pray again. So I grabbed my knapsack and ran!

((Chronicler’s Note: He was obviously a novice, and none too happy about it. I don’t think he had planned to be seen either. If you see this Skarn Modizari, I’d beware. He’s not your normal novice!))