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Posted by on 1999 Jan 18 |

Traveler’s Checklist

(Crossing, Zoluren: 264 Moliko 356)

Passage: The Seerah docks for one hour, and then makes the 45 minute journey across the seas between Ratha and The Crossing. Look for the newly painted docks at the Crossing between the Shipyard gate and Lemicus Square. As of now, there is only the one ship. Missing this ship makes missing the barge up in Therenborough look like a minor inconvenience.

Maps for Visitors: Check out Sablina’s Map Emporium, Phaedra’s Maps, and Jastev’s Island Maps for three sources already.

Currency: Lirums

Transportation in Ratha: This large city is built in three tiers, and the lifts between each section charge a small amount for the ride. Bring lots of lirums for these lifts. The free lift rides are over with the coming of the new year, sources inside Ratha have reported.

Shopping: Many stores are temporarily closed as they prepare for the official resumption of passage and the expected crowds of people in a few days. But there appear to be lots of shops. We are hoping they all finish their preparations. In the meanwhile, there are some shops still open.

Weather: Expect about the same weather you are used to.

Clothing: Wear comfortable shoes and layer your clothing for easy ways to cool off or warm up as needed. It is near the ocean, after all!

Here are a few pieces of advice from people who have already made the long journey to Qi’Reshalia are presented here from various sources.

Anon: Get a map. And make sure you know plenty of climbing… Anon: If you’re going to pilfer, don’t forget to bring some money for bail. It’ll be hard to make money if you don’t like to steal from people. Aryl: For now, if you plan to come, don’t plan to buy much, and don’t plan to see a whole lot. There’s not a lot more than one city to see right now, and it’s mostly closed, but it’s a fun ride on a nice boat, and, hey, the booze is free. Meanne: Beware kissing the pawnmonger in Ratha, Ladies, unless you want yer socks knocked off. (Hey, I wouldnt complain … ) Anon: Take a guard with you to guard your pockets. The Seerah’s docks and entire ship have no security at all. Striderr: Take something to do on the boat ride. Gilrane: If you’re walking around in Ratha, and you see a drunken hedgewizard, run away. The old coot turned me into a toad. ::mutters:: Anon: And so far, there’s no sign of a Club House, let alone moon mages to transfer money. Anon: Exchange your lirums in the Crossing, by the way. The exchange rate has a 7% fee in Ratha. Twelvestars: Beware of touching the scorpion in Urrem’tier’s temple. It’ll kill you before you know it! Summerr: Just a little warning to all, when a sign in the new province warns you of dangers … please consider it carefully. Anon: There is reputedly a shrine which will take 5 favors from you, and kill you, too! Anon: Don’t believe the time you see at the dock schedule for the Seerah’s arrival/trip time. But it’s departure time appears to be pretty accurate once its in. Anon: Bring enough favors with you, I sure don’t know how to get them here!