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Posted by on 1998 Dec 26 |

Trolls Swarm

(Kaerna Village, Zoluren: 170 Uthmor 356)

I headed up to where the rock trolls dwell ta hopefully kill a couple of them . . . they’re rather rare these days, you know.

When I arrived I found a nice little clear spot an waited for one ta show . . . only ta get three tromp in all at once!

I was rather amazed but managed ta kill them all . . . an then three more tromped in!

As I was killing these Kypp wandered in looking for boxes to pop since his guild requires that he knows how.

He asked if he could join the battle an I agreed (it’s not easy fightin four trolls alone).

As we battled the trolls more trolls tromped in. We killed them all off and decided to head back to Crossing to be healed up and rest(plus our pockets were gettin rather heavy ::grin::)

As I write this we sit in the empath guild getting healed.

Jes thought ye’d like ta know me day. ::hums::

Will there always be a large amount of rock trolls now? ::ponders::

What do ya think Baresh?