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Posted by on 1998 Dec 26 |

Visions That We Have Seen

(Zoluren: 171 Uthmor 356)

As I walk into the Tavern I see a lone person standing behind the bar. I think it is the bar keep, but am not certain.

I nod to Baresh and ask, "Baresh?"

He nods back. As I sigh he raises an eyebrow in my direction. "I have a great ear fer listening sir, if you have things on yer mind, and I sense you do young man," as he slides a drink towards my hands.

"Aye, I do sir. Alot on mine mind if I say." And so begins mine story of what I have seen so far….

"A little while back Baresh, many had seen visions, many visions of what is yet to come. I fear 4 may have come to pass so far. And I fear what I have been told of the Gorbesh. I makes me worry that more is yet to come before it all gets better. This mage is not easily scared, but I am shook up."

As I let out a sigh, I finish the drink Baresh slid my way. Kinda makes me feel warm inside it does.

"The visions I speak of are of follows:

When feathers fall from ocean depths: The feathers few have found near the cliff near shard have been found from what I understand.

When Clerics prayers fail to summon breath: It was the time when the lesser skeletons invaded the Crossings, and Dark Spirits, and everything else with them.

When Moons align to aid anointed flight: The obelisk that shot 4 beams of light towards the 4 moons, the 4th beam continued out towards the heavens, with no moon to connect to.

When an empaths touch brings death: This "doom" plague that has recently hit the entire land due to some creature called a Mistletoad.

Am I fearing fer the wrong reason? Are mine thoughts to much fer one as myself? The talk of Gorbesh invasions, and L’Karm invasions? And last I heard the two (Gorbesh and L’Karm) could be teaming together to take over the lands? I do not know if mine thoughts make any sense, but if they do, it means not many visions are left, four that I can count, but am I correct? Am I thinking correctly, or am I just another with the wool pulled over his eyes?

Thank you Baresh fer yer ear to talk to, and I fare thee well."

Mckirk bows to Baresh before makin his exit through a cloud of smoke as he vanishes into the shadows to sneak his way out to the world.