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Posted by on 1999 Feb 16 |

When Goblins Attack!

(Near Tiger Clan, Zoluren: Nissa 356)

The other night Goblin hordes attacked the area out Crossing west gate, where the cougars hang around. First I’ve never seen a bowman and wanted to. So yours truly went to investigate!

There were Goblin bowmen, archers, berserkers, chieftans, mercenaries, princes (who carried big axes and were pretty hard), and warriors. The ones that sound fierce were pretty strong, but the archers were kinda weak. Most carried common weapons; the princes had those broadaxes from Tiger clan, and either the archers or bowmen had slender tip bolts. I also heard some had poisoned arrows.

They seemed to go away after a while, but came back a few times in hoardes. It was quite nasty. Hundreds of people died.

There was also a green-tinted fog rolling in. The fog appeared as: "The green-tinted fog holds low to the ground, but spurs a tendril upward, as if if reaching out for a victim."

If you stayed around it too long, you couldn’t help but inhale a bit of the fog. and you would feel a tickle in the back of your throat.

This gave me rather weak nerve poison, and seemed to do bad damage to some others. The fog covered most of the rooms down by Wolf clan, also the goblins attacked the chapel in Tiger clan i heard. (I was dead for awhile, but I have a few extra sets of ears just in case something unfortunate like that should happen.)

And after awhile we heard the biting sound of harsh laughter spread through the air, as the remaining goblin horde pulled back . . . for now.

Was the laughter that of Velmix, who was spotted soon after this awful battle, or from some goblins? I couldn’t tell.

Make of that what you will, though . . .