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Posted by on 1998 Dec 7 |

Winners of the 4th (5th!) Bardic Tourney

(Crossing, Zoluren: 92 Lirisa 356)

The Fourth (Fifth) Bardic Tournament of Song went off relatively smoothly, being a rowdy, occasionally bawdy and often joyous time for those present.

It was difficult to choose from an excellent array of songs, but in the end it came down to:

1st Place: Valeiria Dancing Rose
2nd Ailill Itinerary
3rd Therrilliar A song of Winter
4th Teilana The Tale of the Tail
5th Dharinel Someone Sang a Song For Me
6th Payoot The Lover’s Dance
7th Trances The Bard’s Farewell
8th Elena A Cleric’s Work
9th Nekayah The Ballad of the Sea Elf
10th Austeria Emerald Coast

Ailill, Therrilliar and Teilana have chosen to join the Troupe of Four Winds and will be performing with us in future concerts.

Our thanks to all who entered and came to listen! Keep your eye on the tourney archives by Jadskye for details of all the performances.

The Troupe