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Posted by on 1998 Dec 28 |

Wren Dies At Hands of Citizen for 35 Pieces of Platinum

(Crossing, Zoluren: 181 Uthmor 356)

I don’t have all the details, but here’s what I heard happened yesterday.

Tyrone stalked, engaged, and shot a crossbow bolt at Wren killing her. Evidently he killed her for 35 platinums paid by unnamed accomplices on some sort of dare, believe it or not!

He was pursued and agreed to talk to Wren if he was given 20 plat. They talked, using the companion slate, and at the end of the talk were smiling at each other, so apparently Wren has forgiven him and he has changed his mind.

(I, however am more than upset about this…and intend to make my feelings known to Tyrone when I catch up to him)

On the brighter side, Wren is speaking much better now and seems to be making great strides in her recovery. She has also changed in some pretty interesting ways while she has been gone. She has the ability to heal others ( she is an elven Bard, yet seems to have transference ability)….and knew she was being engaged before Tyrone leaped from hiding and shot her. What this all means… clue.

Also, for those concerned about her…she was fully healed when she died in Theren the other day when she was found and I presume she was fully healed when she died yesterday as well. Perhaps, if she is able to heal others, she will have the ability to heal herself as well. Physically, I see no reason to worry about her fear of empaths, though emotionally and spiritually she needs to learn to trust again.