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Posted by on 1998 Dec 27 |

Wren is Rescued!

(Therenborough, Therengia: 177 Uthmor 356)

Wren was rescued from a wagon in Theren. Shortly afterwards she died from her wounds, but was healed and raised very quickly. She seems to have lost her voice, even though she was healed by empaths.

The touch of an empath and music both seem to cause her some pain, probably because of her experiences in the Gorbesh encampment. While in their captivity, she was healed only enough to live, but still felt the pain and grew to detest empaths. She also had her arms and fingers broken, and her instruments, as well as her mouth crushed, so she only created music with great pain.

She lead us south with her only communication being gestures and the use of a companion slate. Eventually, slowly, she came to Crossing, saw the temple, then sat in Kalira’s house to talk with everyone. The sight of the temple distressed her, but she took comfort in the fact that it would be rebuilt.

She seems to have forgotten much, and remembers only a few things from her past. Sometimes people, objects remind her of things that have happened, but more often than not they don’t. Some things have run together in her memory, and she doesn’t remember clearly, but she remembers parts of it. Be gentle with her guys, and have patience. She seems unsure of crowds, and wary to trust- but this is normal given how much she was hurt. Maybe in time we can restore her music and faith.