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Posted by on 1998 Dec 30 |

Wren’s Rescue

(Therenborough, Therengia: 117 Uthmor 356)

Yesterday Lazasar alerted me to Wren being awake in the realms. While he waited at Crossing temple and sent his faithful familiar after her, I ran to the Lute room, just in time to join Candidus’ group as they set off in search of a gate to Theren – where Wren was located. Laz was able to join us before we gated.

We arrived shortly after the death of Wren, but thanks to Laz’s fam we found her on the streets of Theren. She was healed and raised, though still unable to talk – and it was at this point Kiranth passed on Gromphus’ alarm, and said he’d died in action somewhere in Ker’Leor (marauders area).

I ran as fast as the dusty road would allow me, and saw Gromphus receiving aid – one pat on his back and I ran past to identify our foes. It seems they are a tougher version of the marauder – called gypsy gertyvars, who fight with ivory-inlaid hangers and hide-covered shields. The last one fell afore I could close on it, so I pressed on northwards, and found the wagon where Wren had been held (I recognised it from the vision.) There I saw the slaver, Gitanah.

You see Gitanah Suilea, a Human She has black eyes, long thick black hair that is braided, and dark skin. She is middle-aged for a Human. She has faint scuffing to the left arm, deep cuts across the left leg. She is holding a bone-hilted hanger with a rose-engraved blade in her right hand. She is wearing a black leather pouch fastened with a darkened silver rose, some black leather leggings with crimson lacing, some heavy silver armbands engraved with running horses, an ebon leather harness beaded with crimson roses, a fiery scarlet gypsy scarf with black beaded fringe, some ebony leather boots with silver rose spurs, a black homespun tunic with dark leather lacings, a balaclava threaded in crimson steel, some chain handguards threaded in crimson steel and a chain hauberk threaded in crimson with a design of running horses.

Plus this thief who seemed to be working for her, called Jeku Hokud:

You see Jeku Hokud, a Human Thief He has grey eyes, long thick black hair that is tied back, and pale skin. He is young for a Human. He has faint scuffing to the abdomen. He is holding a lightened bo stick in his right hand. He is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a black leather sheath, a black leather haversack, a viper-spine necklace, a large sack, a black cotton tunic front-laced with azure leather thongs, some jet black leather pants with silver studs embedded down the seams, some black leather thigh boots embossed with silver shrikes and a jet black leather bandana embroidered with a silver dagger.

There then followed a large-scale hide-and-seek around the streets of Theren as folks hunted down the villains (it should be noted that at this point Wren had been whisked away to safety and was back in the Crossing, with many guards). Jeku seemed the least elusive (though he did vanish without a trace from the very tip of Laz’s and my swords). He carried a haversack which he said he wanted rid of in exchange for a code which had to be signed to him (that old thiefy thing) so Grenhart gave the code to an honorable fellow named Kakun who signed it to Jeku. The sack contained the following:

In the leather haversack you see a heavy gold bracelet, a medium aquamarine gem, a white pearl, a large black pearl, a large fire opal, a small black opal, a violet garnet, a brilliant ruby, a brilliant ruby, a brilliant ruby, a carving knife, a silver necklace, a pearl wren charm, some dark amber spheres, a rotting wooden coffer, a rabbit’s foot, some onyx prayer beads, a chunk of animite-laced granite, a platinum choker, a chunk of animite-laced granite, a tear-shaped star sapphire, a tear-shaped star sapphire, a tear-shaped star sapphire, a moldy oaken strongbox, a misshaped wooden coffer, a ruby set anklet, a misshaped iron coffer, a gold ring, some smoky jade earrings, a goat amulet, a gold amulet, a jade bracelet and a delicate gold bracelet

(Kakun shared this amongst those present)

Jeku was to give this in payment for Wren, as he claimed to be in love with her. He genuinely seemed to believe, in his words, that he had payed good money for her and that she belonged to him. He realised he’d given it to the wrong folk however, saying "The haversack please you are not who I thought you were pleeease I will get killed"

After some persuasion, Jeku offered to sell us his story about Gitanah, but the slaver came out of hiding and in front of us she slew Jeku with a single crossbow bolt, cutting him in two.

More hide-and-seek ensued as Gitanah was hunted again, with pitched battles against hoardes of gertyvars, in which the knights Lazasar, Gromphus and especially Grenhart, shone.

The trail finally went cold, and the slaver Gitanah remains at large.

Solmeron Glimaro Ranger and Knight-of-Elanthia