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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

A Story of Our New Visitors

(Crossing, Zoluren: 393 Nissa 357)

Nirauk walks in with a look of curiousity on his face. He approaches Baresh and asks him, "You are the one they call Baresh? I have come to tell a story of my people, the Rakash, and our neighbors, the Prydaens." [Ed. note: This story has been corrected to reflect what Nirauk clarified a few days later in another article.]

"Many as well as I have spoken with an elder of ours, Rhue, and an elder of theirs, Balam. We came from the distant lands in the west. They spoke of how we were driven out of our homelands by the plague of the undead."

"Many ideas in this town you call Crossing are new to us. The way you divide your people up into different functions called ‘guilds’. Having to earn ‘coins’ to purchase belongings. Balam mentioned his dislike for the ‘Cleric Guild’. He has learn of how you disrupt the circle of life by rejoining a deceased spirit to ones body. These things are all very new to us."

"Balam also spoke the names of our Elders as well theirs."

"To my people, the Rakash… our packleader is named Methesdred. Some of the elders of our race are Anoo, Auryn, Brock, Greypelt, Mayth, Njali, Shyeelle, and Rhue. These are our elders. We should respect them and seek them for guidance when needed."

"To the Prydaens… Vael is your leader. Abysinnthe, Alydaer, Anini, Attitash, Balam, Path, and Felende were the names he mentioned as some of your elders."

"The truce we have with each other is much respected. Neither Rhue nor Balam tolerated any fighting amongst ourselves and the Prydaens."

"That is all I have learned and had to say. I should leave and explore these lands now." Nirauk gives Baresh a nod and heads towards the exit.