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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

A Talk With Two Refugees

(Therengia: 393 Nissa 357)

Baresh, it fills me with great sadness to write this. I have heard of the refugees that escaped the Gorbesh and Lyras. It was on the Theren’s Star that I struck up a conversation with two refugees. I have written down what I can remember. Please excuse me if it is a bit confusing at first.

When it was asked where they lived and what they were doing here, Wyrth explained in bits and pieces.

Wyrth said, "To the west. We have been scouting for Vael from Crossings."

Wyrth said, "We were scouting. To see if Ther-N-borrow would have lands we could settle."

Pyrah points towards the horizon, "out there"

Wyrth said, "We now return to our pack-mates with news."

Wyrth told us a little about Vael and Lyras. But the most informative was the advice he gave on dealing with our dead.

Wyrth said, "Vael is the great leader who helped the Prydean and Rakash join to fight Lyras."

Wyrth quietly said, "He saved us from extinction…but could not save our home."

Wyrth said, "We have fought Gorbesh. But they pale in comparison to the evil of Lyras."

Pyrah said, "we have had to fight our own families."

"At first we killed and buried them," Pyrah sighed. He sadly added, "and they returned"

Wyrth said, "Lyras is the hue-mawn warrior mage who raised the armies first against us."

Pyrah slowly said, "Now, we burn and they fall"

Wyrth quietly said, "We have lost many of our pack-mates."

Pyrah said, "the ones who sleep will not sleep long."

Pyrah said, "their graves but shallow in the digging"

Wyrth said, "The bodies need to be burned. Do not forget this."

Pyrah warned, "Keep watch!"

Wyrth said, "If your priests do not call back the spirits, burn the bodies."

Wyrth said, "Our mages…they had our best warriors place napalm within them…"

Wyrth said, "And if the warriors felt themselvs being pulled asunder…They would immolate their own bodies…"

Wyrth quietly said, "So we would not have to fight them twice."

Wyrth told a little about an attempt on Lyras’ life.

Wyrth said, "It was tried. Vael led a force against her."

Wyrth said, "Snuck in under cover of invisibility…but even as he drew his claws across her throat…"

Wyrth quietly said, "She raised up again…herself undead."

Wyrth said, "The Kaldar and the Gnomes have come from the south. They met with Vael in Crossings."

Wyrth said, "We hope there will be union with the Pack and your peoples."

I don’t know, Baresh. I am afraid that a fight with Lyras might eclipse the Gorbesh War. To everyone, please take heed. This time more than ever we need to band together for the protection of Elanthia.