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Posted by on 1999 Feb 23 |

A Tene-what?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 396 Nissa 356)

Heya Baresh, pass a thick lager this way when ya get the chance, I got a tidbit of news for ya.

I just recently took up the family business of trading and it already is proving to be a great way to see the world. Mostly it’s walking up and down the trade routes, y’know shuttling goods from village to village.

Well, on one of many trips to the Stone Clan I decided to take a little break at the old well outside of Kaerna Village. To my surprise when I peered north I noticed some sort of scuffle going on.

Making my way north I noticed a creature never before seen in my travels. A Tenebraeling if I’m pronouncing it right. The critter was a little bundle of bristling black fur, grasping claws, and a flurry of rapidly beating wings. Its ugly, batlike face with its beady eyes were barely visible amidst the rest of its chaotic form.

Without any legs the tenebraeling was somewhat small, like a dwarf and has wings. It was obviously agressive and looking for a fight so I proceeded to oblige it, along with another fellow, Halius.

A few swings of the battle axe and the creature splintered into thousands of tiny black glass-like slivers.

What the creature was doing on the trade route…well I guess it’ll never say why. Just hope it doesn’t have any friends on my next trip. Now, where’re the lovely dwarven bardesses around this inn.