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Posted by on 1999 Apr 5 |

Academy of Learning Being Built

(The Provinces: 171 Uthmor 357)

Greetings fellow Elanthians,

I have the pleasure of announcing the Academy of Learning project, dedicated to help young and old adventurers alike. It has been my dream to build this Academy for years, and after selling my Place and through generous contributions of some nobles I have purchased land and hired builders to begin construction.

I seek volunteers to aid me in this project. For more information visit the Academy.

Thanking you in advance, Wyndguard Odicio

[PS: This is an DR Web Site dedicated to help all players in general, not just Warrior Mages as in my previous DR Web Site. The Academy is NOT located in Dragonrealms nor will it ever be in it, this is a fictitious place on the web which you can imagine is somewhere in DR… ]