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Posted by on 1999 Apr 24 |

Amazing Quintet at the Jeraya Menger

(Crossing, Zoluren: 248 Moliko 357)

"I tell you it was amazing! Many of us were gathered at the Moot Room of the Trader’s guild in Crossing to celebrate the passing of this last bountiful year. I personally wanted to raise my voice and actions to Kertigen," she begins.

"But my simple actions were nothing compared to the combined energy and exquisite talent of the bardic quintet Faenella’s Phofe."

Dawn shakes her head in amazement. "It was … both inspiring and laugh provoking. The first two musical numbers the group did were musical masterpieces. But the finale refrain from them! Oh la!"

The trader’s face lights up with laughter as she recalls the Marionette’s March performed by the quintet’s musicians and their puppets. "Right there in front of all they had a shifty little thief marionette and a trader marionette enacting the standard drama known to all traders in the shire, with a hilarious twist at the end I would greatly enjoy see happening on our own streets of Crossing."

"Now I will not ruin it for those of you that have not seen the troupe … and as this was their premiere performance, I can only urge you to seek them out. It is well worth your time!"

"I assume they are for hire … and if they need a manager," DawnsHue winks boldly, "I would have no trouble representing them, but alas I do not at this moment in time. For they will earn coin, vocal acclaim and a place in Elanthia history, or I am no judge of music and entertainment."