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Posted by on 1999 Apr 25 |

Ambush at the Wolf’s Refuge

(El’Bains, Therengia: 254 Moliko 357)

Well Baresh, this fine morning I was hunting blood wolves, me being a little short on cash and all. I had just finished skinning a wolf when a granite gargoyle stomps in and grumbles at me. I, being a veteran with gargoyles, was kind of puzzled to see one in Neer’s Hummock, but I was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. I quickly advanced and lew it.

This being not your everyday occurance, I headed over to the Wolves’ Refuge. Too my surprise, there was a swarm of rock guardians, granite gargoyles and rock trolls. At that point I did what everyone else would have done, I scrambled up the tree.

There were four other people who were chased up the tree, and after some persuading I got them to join me and fight back. When we got back down, the guardians had disappeared, but there were a few gargoyles and plenty of trolls left. Oddly enough, none of the trolls had weapons or armor, but I should have expected it. Trolls aren’t the smartest things out there. We quickly cleared the area, and things returned to normal.

Don’t know Baresh, but things are starting to be quite fishy. Well, I got to get going. There’s money to be made.