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Posted by on 1999 May 18 |

As if Adan’f are not Enough

(Ilithi: 339 Dolefaren 357)

A deeply cloaked figure walks into the bar from the cold night air. "Your finest Elothean rice wine barkeep, I have seen things this day I wish were otherwise," says the figure. He takes a seat at the bar and pulls back the deep hood of his gray baladrana and shakes out his blue-black hair, silver eyes gaze about the room deep in thought.

"Greetings again good barkeep" Saurun says, "I have seen another sight this day which puts a cold hand upon my heart", He takes a slow drink of the rich warm wine and seems to relax slightly.

"I was walking around and decided to go take a look at the cave of ice down by where the Adan’f are found slinking about, as i was returning several creatures left better in nightmares came out of nowhere and began to advance me"

"I slew a Lesser Skeleton and noticed the spells a cleric had placed upon my blade faded away so went to find another cleric, as I ran back I saw things like wir dinego and a rotting scourge".’ As I was on my way back I had seen the first casualty the body of Deathspur was lying on the ground with many of these things around him, I dragged him to the safest spot and let the healers have at me, I foudn out then that they had cut the healers in the area off from help by surrounding the whole place but they were not attacking shard.’

"No I tell you, from my knowledge about that area, i know they dead Dragon priests of old that created the Adan’f have their bones buried there, and the things that attacked looked better left in a grave than walking about, makes one wonder with all these sighting and the people trying to bring back the priests with their pretty words of peace and change, if they are just trying to bring back the power of the old ones to finish the work"

Saurun finsihes off the wine and tosses a few gold coins on the bar and begins to walk out.

Pulling up his hood he turns and he face hidden from view say" Take care barkeep, times are changing indeed, and maybe for the worst, May Meraud show you wisdom in all you do!" and with that he turns and dissapears into the cold dark night.