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Posted by on 1999 Mar 15 |

Bardic Contests: Story Winners & Song Challenge

(Chelsea Heights, Zoluren: 87 Lirisa 357)

Two nights of quiet, sometimes cheerful and occasionally heart-breaking stories were told a few months back at the First Bardic Storytelling Competition, sponsored by Kortny Horselords.

Victory (and a double handful of platinum) was claimed by Kalandas Barat-Sur for one of his wonderful "Olivi Tales." He was followed at a tail’s width by the normally bawdy Lethargy with a thought provoking tale of "A Man Called Paladin."

Other winners included Larisah, Aillil and Solondar, with tales of the high seas, an attack of the dragon priests and the discovery of an unicorn.

The Troupe of Four Winds has flung open the doors for the next small Bardic Song Challenge has flung open the doors — although preference will be given to members of the Bardic Guild, non-bards may compete if slots are still open within a few nights of the competition.

As usual, the Challenge (held March 28th, at 10pm Eastern, by the old calendar) will be in the Bard’s Corner at the Half Pint Inn. Prizes will include coin, insturments and pretty glass beads or their equivalent.

In other Troupe news, the next Bardic Tourney is tentatively scheduled for the end of April. The Bardic Tournament of Song is an annual two night competition with prizes that include entry to the Troupe for top finishers!

Full details are not available at this writing, members of the bardic guild are advised to start brushing up your songs.