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Posted by on 1999 Feb 26 |

Beware of Cursed Items

(Crossings, Zoluren: 17 Akroeg 357)

As I was wondering around Haven’s popular Deer Trail, a man stumbled in and asked me if I could help him. I asked him what he needed help with, and he told me that he had some pocket lint that he couldn’t let go of. At first, I thought he was kidding, but I glanced at his hand and sure enough, in his hand was a bit of pocket lint.

I told the man to drop it, he couldn’t, for some reason it he was unable to part with it. The only thing he could do was swap it from hand to hand or hand it to someone else, he handed it to me. I asked a cleric to check it out, and sure it enough, it was cursed.

Later that day, another person came to me and asked me to help again, this time it was a piece of string that was cursed to the person, I told him to find a cleric gifted with the ability of uncurse and have them help him.

One more incident was when my friend asked me why he couldn’t sell his gem, I asked him why and he told me he didn’t know, he was just unable to part with it.

Well, it seems cursed items are coming up quite a bit today, I wouldn’t worry to much, it is easily taken care of. Just find your neighborhood friendly cleric, and ask them if they know the spell uncurse, and I’m sure they’ll fix you right up.

Bear in mind this can be handed to other people, so be wary of anyone trying to hand you gems for free, or odd items that don’t normally come up in critters pockets.

[Ed note: a war mage can tingle an item out of your hands, and a moon mage can cast mind blast at you to stun you into dropping what you are holding, too. It will not affect the curse, but it does get the cursed thing off of you at least!]