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Posted by on 1999 Apr 18 |

Boy what a Day!

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 233 Arhat 357)

The man walks into the bar and hands baresh a few silver.

"Boy what a day this has been," he nods to the Barkeep and stretches.

"Now I may not be a finger-waggler, and my Intelligence and Wisdom could fit inside this a shot glass but there has been weird things going on."

"I hunt a lot at swampies and I have been noticing on how the hunting has been. There has been a whole bunch of swamp trolls while I have been there the past few days, and I am just wondering if this is leading to something bigger. I’ve also noticed that they are a wee bit stronger and they have been getting hits on me which they never do!"

"I was also overhearing about a war possibilites, and I was just thinking about if this could be the beginning of this so called "war," that could happen."

"All that I want to say is that you should keep yer ears open, and feet on the ground because I have a feeling that something big is gonna happen just a matter of time though."