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Posted by on 1999 Jun 1 |

Clan of the Moon Wolves

(Crossing, Zoluren: 396 Nissa 357)

A weary man enters the bar, his armor scrathed and ripped from battle.

"Good day sir. May I post this scroll on your billboard?"

"I have been forced out of my homelands along with many of my brothers and sisters by the Gorbesh and the foulest creatures created of whom was once friends."

"Homeland is most important to the Rakash, and that has been taken from us."

"This scroll states that I wish to start a clan that has been lost to this atrocity. My clan is the Clan of the Moon Wolves. As far as I know I am the last of them."

"I feel obligated now to reform this once great family. I have taken a personal oath to rid of the Gorbesh and to put the vile creations of undead that were once friend back to thier graves so that they may reincarnate."

"The new Clan of the Moon Wolves are now only three strong, but I ask of those that read this scroll to join my cause."

"If any, not just Rakash, wish to accompany me on my quest to revenge my lost lands and my clan – I will greet them with open arms. A clan is powerful in numbers."

"I may be contacted in the Crossing and anyone may contact me by sending a message under the title, (Don’t ask me were this name came from.) Any that wish to help with my cause and wish to be in this realms with trusworthy friends to fight foes with may become a member of The Clan of the Moon Wolves."

"I go by the name of Cedrivahn Manavydden and I thank you for listening to my babble."

"Oh, may I get a mug of water? Battle has made me weary; the ale must wait."