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Posted by on 1999 Apr 9 |

Death Spirits Invade the Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 188 Uthmor 357)

Fflewddur walks into the bar looking weary and a bit battle worn.

"Ello Baresh, how are you doing this fine summer eve? I tell you that Hara’Jaal isle is a dreadful place but thats another story to tell."

"Did you hear? Death Spirits invaded our own city of the Crossing today. They are horrible critters, using those Katamba-Black crossbows to do their evil killing."

"Then Ichor rats joined em outside the bank — now those are just plain annoying, I had to remind people not to search them, les they get diseased."

"Many a good people died this day, Death Spirits are ruthless and the dead were piled up outside the NorthEast gate, and even inside our fine city, some of the evil spirits even got into the Cemetary and killed there too."

Fflewddur gets his pint of ale off of the counter and takes a large gulp of it down.

"Finally they were all killed, and peace returned to the city. I’m just glad I wasn’t killed in the fray, I tried to help all who needed it but I could not help all of them."

Fflewddur sets his mug on the bar and tosses a sack of copper kronars next to it,

"Keep the change Baresh, and thank you for listening to my story. Be safe and if you ever run into one of those spirits don’t hesitate to run!"

Fflewddur walks out the door, looking suprisingly refreshed from the pint of ale, He turns and says "Amazing what ale can do…Amazing"