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Posted by on 1999 Apr 24 |

Deceivers, or Deceived?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 247 Moliko 357)

Well, I don’t usually frequent taverns, even ones as nice as this, but this is a story that needs to be told, Baresh. I, being but a novice Moon Mage, was around the observatory, working on the fine art of teaching, when suddenly:

The world around you fades into darkness. Silhouettes of towers and the outlines of candle-lit windows slowly come into focus, displaying a city under the cover of nightfall. Without warning, a blue flash of light brightens the skyline, obscuring everything in a brilliant explosion of azure. As your eyes readjust, everything returns to normal.

I really have no idea what this is. The Prophecy? A random occurences? Another unrelated vision? Some Moon Mage spell I haven’t heard of? All those around me experienced the same thing, and several of the Mages were as astonished as I was, so I doubt my last guess is correct.