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Posted by on 1999 Mar 25 |

Destruction in the Bard’s Guild

(Crossings, Zoluren: 128 Shorka 357)

There was a big row in the Bard’s Performance hall today. A bard by the name of Kalit had taken a lot of gweths of the shelf that was intended for youngins.

When the rest of the guild attempted to reprimand this fellow for what he had done wrong he sat there and argued with them. He showed little remorse for his greed.

The fellow then decided to go get a friend by the name of Karnun to join him in this fight. This person was a ranger but tried to pass himself off as a thief. The Ranger guild may want to look into reprimanding him for this act of deception.

After being disruptive and rude to the bards this fellow was removed. His companion went out to get him again. I fell asleep for a bit and when I awoke the argument was still going. Karnun then proved he was a ranger by casting swarm 3-4 times in the Performance hall. He then managed to kill two bards in combat before summoning a portal and vanishing the realms.

His friend that started the whole mess was then killed by a bard. I then took this bard to submit to the guards and I paid his fine.

Kalit was then taken away by a Guardian Mage and I assume that his friend will be dealt with.