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Posted by on 1999 May 18 |

Dragon Priest Revival Leader Killed

(Crossing, Zoluren: 344 Dolefaren 357)

A hulking Tog barbarian enters the bar and plops down on the stool. Baresh winces as the stool creaks in protest. Kraeth orders a drink and settles down, his head drooping sadly. Baresh glances at the sad figure.

"Whats wrong?", he asks.

Kraeth looks up and grunts. "Kraeth see thing he don’t like happen today. You hear of dem Dragon Priests fellas?"

Baresh raises an eyebrow and nods.

"Well, Iorweths tryin to get dem back togethers. You probly heard. Anyways, when me gettin patched up in Empaths guild, Kraeth notice dead Iorweth on the floor. Me asks what happened. He says he killed over religion."

Kraeth shakes his head.

"Kraeth hear of dis religon before. He done no like it too much, but he hear Iorweth trying to bring back nice priests. Dis Kraeth like," he says nodding.

"Well, Kraeth drag Iorweth to clerics guild to see if kind clerics can raise. Here me find out that Iorweth is favorless, ’cause he killed twice by his supposed friends. But good cleric Carleania use her own favor to help Iorweth. Me thinks she very good lady."

"Kraeth learn that Iorweth kilt cause his religion. Dis bother Kraeth, cause Iorweth teach peace, not war. Kraeth like to fight, but only evil things. Not priests."

"Now, Kraeth not like dragon no more den most of you. But me thinks if you be killin Iorweth cause of his religion, you no better den dragon anyways. Dat all me haft to say bout it."

Kraeth finishes his drink (and then a few more) then pays for his drinks and leaves.