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Posted by on 1999 Mar 20 |

Dwarf meeting

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 108 Lirisa 357)

A bleary eyed dwarf stumbles in the bar. He manages to climb on to a barstool on the third attempt. He waves away the tankard of ale that Baresh offers.

"Atwun! What’s wrong?" he asks the dwarf in amazement.

"Hrmmkz… err…" Atwun clears his throat. "Nothin’ as such is wrong, but I’ve had jus’ about enough ale to last for a few more hours. Not to mention that Skra poison they call nectar!" He looks dazed for a few seconds then turn away and belches with a thunderous roar! "Excuse me. I jus’ come back frum da Stone Clan were more than a dozen dwarves had a friendly meeting of sorts. Heh! We had all the drink and food we could eat and then some." The dwarf shifts his backpack which is plainly still loaded with drinks and food and sighs. "I was delayed and lost for several hours though so I showed an hour late, but not as late as some. We all agreed we should proudly wear our beards in many ways and fashions and that we think a dwarven barber shoul’ open shop in the clan to help us trim, dye, or shape our beards. And we had fun discussing the many ways we care for and use our beards."

He pulls out a platter of lobster and puts it on the bar saying, "Hey Baresh, here’s a bit of a snack for your customers."

"Were was I… Ah yes. The meeting didn’t have as many folks as I expected but everyone seemed to have enjoyed it. It seems we didn’t attract the attention of any kindly godlings, though we had many spirits with us!" he says with wink. "We plan to hold another get together at Forkbeard’s in Stone Clan in two weeks. Same day and time. Baresh, Could ya kindly pass the word to any other dwaves that pass this way? Thanks."

Atwun leans on the bar and decides there may be room for one more ale before going off to sleep afterall…