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Posted by on 1999 May 31 |

Gnome Brings Mystery

(El’Bains, Therengia: 96 Nissa 357)

"Baresh, I had a little encounter today I thought you might want to hear about with Novice Bodzil Liggsdorf, a Gnome Trader. He has blue eyes, shoulder length thick black hair that is loose, and copper skin. Young for a Gnome, a light stubble grew on his upper lip."

I greeted him, and introduced myself.

I asked, "How do you do, Bodzil?"

Bodzil smiled and replied, "Hi."

Bodzil said, "Very well, everyone I’ve met is so nice."

Kryeus said, "I’m glad they’ve not been rude to you"

I said, "You must not have been in Crossing very long." with a quizzical arch of my eyebrow. "What brings you to Therengia, Bodzil?"

Bodzil said, "I was lost, and I met a very nice Trader named Fateform, and he said I should leave when the undead started attacking, and he brought me up here, and arranged for me to meet Sir Blasword." He smiled.

I said, "You’ll have to excuse my curiousity, it’s just that I’ve never met a gnome before." I tried to smile reassuringly.

I asked, "We know so little about your race, can you tell us anything about your culture?"

Bodzil nodded at me and said, "Well, I like building things, and tinkering, but some gnomes are like the Gorbesh and like war, and others are like me."

I asked, "Building things? Like what?"

Kryeus coughed, "Catapults." I frowned at his interjection.

Kryeus said, "Just one example"

Bodzil nodded, "Well, I’ve only made small things, but some gnomes know how to make catapults and things"

I asked, "I’m sorry, my S’kra eyes aren’t the best. Can you describe what you look like to me?"

Bodzil said, "We built them for the Kaldar, and, I regret to say, the Gorbesh too, in exchange for protection."

Bodzil said, "Well, I’m short, a little shorter then what you call a Halfling." Bodzil smiled and continued, "I have blue eyes, and black hair, and copperish skin, form working in the sun so much"

I asked, "Anything else I should notice?" I noticed he smiled a lot. "I’d hate to mistake you for a dwarf or halfling, that would be rather rude."

Bodzil said, "Well, I don’t think so, I’m not quite as pudgy as I’ve heard these Halflings are, and I think Dwarves like to have beards, but I’ve only met one Dwarf."

Bodzil said, "You’ve probably met him, he’s the blacksmith in your city, Theren, as I’ve been told it’s called."

I nodded to Bodzil, who smiled back.

Kryeus asked, "Do you have the hairy feet, like the halfings?"

Bodzil shook his head and smiled, "Nope."

I said, "Where do you live, you’ve been hidden so long that one would think you lived far away but for all I know you lived among us without us realizing it."

Bodzil said, "I’ve heard there are some wizened gnomes in your lands, that appear occasionally, but I am from far to the south of your provinces, where the Gorbesh live."

I said, "I’ve seen a few that snatch things from the ground but never managed to meet one."

Bodzil smiled.

I asked, "How far south do you mean? How did you end up in Crossing? One would think you would have had to go through Shard."

Bodzil said, "I left my homeland on pilgrimage with Trimbolt. He saw the return of Lanival. We traveled through Shard yes, though I went around."

I asked, "What was that about Lanival?"

Bodzil said, "I was searching with him, for Lanival." He smiled and nodded. "Trimbolt is a seer, and he is often right, and he forsaw the return of Lanival, so we are searching."

I asked, "He is in Crossing now?"

Bodzil said, "I don’t know where Trimbolt is now, he was in the Crossing when I fled."

I asked, "Have you made arrangement to meet him up here later? I would be very interested to meet him."

Bodzil said, "I don’t know if he plans to come this way, if his search brings him, I assume yes, but he became very interested in the barrier the Prydaen and Rakash spoke of."

I said, "Well, I hope you fare well in our lands. Your foreign skills may make you quite valuable here. Do you think many gnomes will travel here from the far south? The journey must be treacherous."

Bodzil said, "Gnomes will follow, and possibly more if they hear of your generosity."

Bodzil said, "But I know little of the barrier."

I said, "Would you care to sit, Bodzil? We are enjoying your company."

Bodzil said, "I’m afraid if I sit, I will not stand again"

I chuckled, "A common danger, I believe. How about a repast? You must be hungry after your trip."

I said, "Did Trimbolt tell you anything else that might be of importance? The last time we defended this land the losses were great."

Bodzil said, "I could use something to eat.." he smiled.

Kryeus offerred, "Do you like strawberries?" The gnome nodded to him. He pulled out some cream-dipped strawberries and gave them to Bodzil.

Kryeus said, "Here you are"

Bodzil said, "Thank you," and beamed brightly.

Bodzil said, "I was told to try some ale, made by the Vi..Vikathe, or something like that. It was very strong."

I grinned, "Yes, it is very strong."

Kryeus chuckled, "Isnt that available right near here?"

I asked, "I have none on me, care to try soemthing else?" and pulled out a shot of Tog whiskey. "This is nearly as strong. And it won’t dissolve armor if you drop it." Grinning, I offerred it to Bodzil.

Bodzil gasps and chokes as his face took on a bright reddish hue with just a sip.

I grinned at him, "Strong enough?"

Bodzil said, "Yes, very nice"

I asked, "So what do you suppose you’ll do around here until Trimbolt returns for you? This Trimbolt is a gnome as well, correct?"

Bodzil nods.

Bodzil smiled and said, "Yes"

Bodzil said, "I think I am going to try to fix things around your city. I have been asked if I could help."

I asked, "Fix what? By whom?" Suddenly my cheeks reddenned with the realization I was asking an awful lot of nosey questions. "Can you excuse my curiousity?" He smiled at me. I hope in understanding.

I said, "Sounds to me as if gnomes would make great blacksmiths and repairers of armor if they are all as you say."

Bodzil said, "I was introduced to the Lords of your city, and many other knights."

I asked, "Do you mean Valkrin?"

Bodzil nodded to me.

I asked, "Was it he that asked for your assistance?"

Bodzil said, "And Lord Thistlebriar, if I pronounced that right."

I asked, "And what did they ask of you?"

Bodzil said, "Well, they just asked about the gnomes, a little. I mentioned the catapults, and suggested that I might be able to help."

I said, "Perhaps they are interested in Theren having a few catapults of its own in case of attack."

Bodzil nodded.

I asked, "Do you think you could construct them?"

Bodzil smiled and said, "Perhaps if I try hard, but I have never seen one built."

I asked, "So what do you think of this return of Lanival that Trimbolt speaks of?"

Bodzil said, "I believe that Trimbolt is correct, but when we will find him, or if, I don’t know." He smiled again.

I said, "Did Trimbolt ever say what he planned to do WHEN you found Lanival? I mean, that seems like only the beginning."

Bodzil said, "No, I only heard that he had forseen Lanivals return, and that he was going to search."

I asked, "So no indication of what he thought Lanival’s return might entail or initiate?" I added, "Well, again, if Trimbolt comes up here, I would be very pleased to meet him."

Bodzil nodded to me and smiled.

Valanderil asked, "Bodzil, are ye living up here?"

Bodzil said, "For now, yes. It’s very nice up here, and everyone I have met is very nice."

I explained as some people joined us, "There’s been strange occurrences the past few days."

"And young Bodzil here was just telling us about a seer friend of his that believed Lanival would be found soon."

Bearlore asked, "Lanival???"

You nodded at Bearlore, who was blinking in astonishment. I asked, "Right, Bodzil?"

Bodzil nodded and smiled.

Valanderil said, "Lanival? Interesting, since he’s long dead."

Bearlore said, "yah" and shivered.

Bodzil said, "Never really talked to Trimbolt, actually, but he has forseen his return, and so many gnomes, and some Kaldar left to search for him."

I asked, "Excuse my ignorance, but what do these other southern races look like? Bodzil? Didn’t you grow up with these other races? Or at least near them?"

Bodzil said, "The Kaldar are like Humans, but are stronger."

I asked, "Oh? How much like humans?"

Bodzil said, "The Kaldar look like Humans, but like combat more."

Bodzil said, "The Prydaen and Rakash, I only met them in Crossing, a few days ago."

I asked, "Do you know anything of the origin of these other races?"

At this point, it was about dusk and we were informed that Crossing was underattack by Gorbesh forces."

I said, "Bodzil, would you care to come with me? Theren is probably the safest place to be."

Bodzil smiled and told us, "I will venture to Theren in a while."

Bodzil said, "I want to look at the Gorbesh fort, and try to fix the telescope again."

I said, "Sorry to cut this short, Bodzil."

Bodzil waved at us.

At this point we proceeded to Therenborough in case the Gorbesh moved north into Therengia. A few minutes later, Bodzil arrived from the south.

Bodzil said, "Hi," and smiled. He glanced up at the twinkling star that was blazing in the north, and frowned at it.

I asked, "Bodzil, did Trimbolt ever mention anything about a star? About that one in particular?"

Bodzil said, "Nope, not that I heard of." He smiled.

Bodzil glanced at the crumbling stone wall running northwest from the main road at the gate to Therenborough.

Kryeus asked, "Curious Bodzil?"

Bodzil said, "Just wandering. I don’t know how to fix the telescope, yet."

Bodzil said, "Why is this wall here, it doesn’t look very useful."

Cabriel said, "Well, it keeps the creepers and blood wolves away…"

Bodzil said, "It doesn’t swivel as it should."

I asked, "Care to try and fix it?"

Bodzil gasps at Cabriel!

Cabriel asked, "Swivel?"

I said, "It’s been like that for years."

Bodzil said, "Those sound mean."

Cabriel nods.

Bodzil said, "Blood wolves.. ew."

After this, the conversation turned to a few other topics which are not relevant here. Soon after I had to leave, but as I left …

Bodzil smiled at me and said, "It was great meeting you, and I hope we’ll see each other again sometime."

I shook Bodzil’s hand. He gave me an enthusiastic handshake, seeming very pleased with himself.

"I don’t know about you, Baresh, but I get a bad feeling about this Trimbolt. I’ll be on guard in Theren if anyone comes looking for me."