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Posted by on 1999 Apr 20 |

Grell and the Moon Mage Guild

(Crossing, Zoluren: 231 Arhat 357)

To clear something up, Grell may have made several revelations. However, some of them were blatant lies, which makes me wonder that we shouldn’t really be trusting anything he says at all.

Firstly, Grell has never been a member of the Moon Mage Guild, even though he said he was, and he left of his own volition. Grell does know Lunar Magic, but learned it through someone within the Guild that betrayed the Guild by teaching it to him. He was denied entry as a Guild member. The Council is still investigating who might have trained him.

Secondly, Grell certainly has had a relationship with the Dragon Priests. He has worked for them several times. The first by slipping into an enemy city to recover the belongings of the former Dragon High Priest, Tenebraus, and return them to his brethren. Over the course of the past few years, Grell has lead Dragon Priest forces against the Moon Mage Guild in an attempt to burn the Crossing Observatory. Another lie. He denied having a relationship with the Priests, and he claimed that he worked for no one but himself.

The Moon Mage Council is pursuing Grell not just for information, but for his role in the attacks on the Guild. The Council also pursues him because Grell was implicated in an assassination attempt against Guildmaster Prime Taramaine.

Grell Pel’cora is a mercenary that serves himself. Any information from him should be highly suspect.