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Posted by on 1999 Apr 14 |

Grell resurfaces

(Crossing, Zoluren: 198 Uthmor 357)

Grell was once again spotted in the realms. He appeared to be coming from somewhere up north, perhaps from Haven or Theren. The first locate I did I found him on the North Trade Road.

I went all the way to the Haven Ferry and didn’t see him so I turned around and stopped off at Arthe Dale. He was indeed at the Arthe Dale Inn and was already surronded by approximately 11-14 moon mages and 1 ranger. I walked in and he immediately recognized me from when I had met him in Shard. Before anyone was able to ask him any other questions he left because of the ranger, who will remain nameless, was rude to him. Before departing he let everyone know the ranger was the reason he left by saying "And now you learn lesson 1, those who you are rude to tend to find other company." We searched for him after that but to no avail…he was gone.

After we decided Grell was gone a few moon mages, including myself went to Shard to see if Guild Leader Gylwyn would talk to us about Grell’s return. I told her that Grell had been seen however she was too busy with guild duties to talk to us. I will stay in Shard and continue to try to catch Glywyn when she does have an opportunity to talk to us and I will report.