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Posted by on 1999 Apr 20 |

Grell’s Revelations Overlooked in Bickering

(Arthe Dale, Zoluren: 205 Arhat 357)

Mister Grell Pel’cora sat in the Arthe Hollow Inn in Arthe Dale, sipping on a drink as people began to arrive.

Saralle told him of a message from Gylwyn.

People told him of the inscriptions on the obelisk on Taisgath Island. As they mentioned various things, he seemed to offer his opinions about them.

"Shadowmasters?" Grell repeated. "Old lore. Bad lore." He frowned at the news that it appeared on the obelisk, but in the barrage of uncoordinated and oft-times unrelated questions, he was not given much of a chance to offer more information.

"Shadowmasters created the Voidspawn." Grell said, agreeing with Delerium and Saralle, then added "And a few other vile critters as well."

When asked why the Moon Mage Council was after him, he replied, "They believe I have information they can make use of." Someone pressed for details. Several people tried to manufacture details. He only added, "I’m not beholden to them."

Mister Grell reminded those present that he is a former Moon Mage, "I left the guild because of their perception that they control all things," he told them. "They overstep their bounds by far . . . they make rules that all are expected to abide by, except themselves."

Lupaz asked him, "Would this information you hold in some way harm the Moon Mage guild?"

"I feel that in the wrong minds it could do a great deal more harm than that," Grell replied.

When Saralle mentioned the names of Erzebet and Stavros, and asked if he was still pursuing Grell, Mister Grell offerred, "Stavros is a puppet. Almost literally."

He quickly corrected himself, "Stavro rather."

Grell then asked, "Not to change the subject, but I am. Where did you get ‘Stavros?’ I mean the name, ‘Stavros.’ His name is Stavro."

Quite a few people then offerred up what they had seen and knew, some insisting that he is called Stavros now, others relating that the name on the obelisk was ‘Stavros’. Grell seemed to stare in disbelief.

Grell asked, "You’re certain?"

When people nodded and affirmed it, all he said was, "There’s an interesting little tidbit."

Delerium wondered what the significance of the difference in names was, reminding them that the one on the obelisk had a trailing ‘s’.

Grell says, "Not sure as yet, but it does make something a bit clearer."

Delerium could not coax more from him, though.

"And I think i’ll just keep that something to myself as yet." Then added with a quiet smile, "I do have a question or two for Erzebet."

The old rumor of Grell’s affiliation with Dragon Priests came up. He wasn’t gentle with his comments on the subject.

"I had no trouble with the Dragon priests, I had trouble with the Moon Mage Council implicating me in their affiars."

Grell said to Lupaz, "For the umpteenth time little one, I have no relation with them, nor do I wish one."

Grell revealed he was searching for Andreathu. Why? Because Amiss was. When people suggested he should team up with her, he chuckled. "Amiss and I do see eye to eye on some things. But … as she is bound by the Council’s rule and I am not, It’s a bit difficult for us to colaborate using the same methods."

Grell told them, "I trust Amiss fully, I’m not quite certain the feeling is mutual."

Jeremiaha asked, "So that brings this question Grell, Do you and Amiss seek Andraethu for the same purposes?"

"I would say no," he replied. "Amiss was assigned a task by her Council. I seek of my own accord."

Jeremiaha asksed, "Well, one more pointed question if I may. Do you seek to aid Andraethu?"

Grell laughed at Jeremiaha, "I don’t think he needs any help at this point."

Grell says, "What I seek is the purpose of that device he had Mortrayu repair. But it’s a bit difficult to get an answer from a corpse, eh?"

He pressed for information about what Amiss had told people, but they only knew that she was in Shard seeking Andreathu and that there were rumors of souls being taken in the islands, maybe, or the outlaying provinces.

He asked if the clerics had seen any portents, and none present had heard of anything relevant from their cleric friends.

Grell told people after someone asked whether he was serving the Guild, "I’ll state it once again and please see that word gets out…I work for no one but myself…I serve no purpose but my own."

"As if I’d work for that witch." Grell grumbled.

Jeremiaha cackled at Grell, "Grell is a puppet of the counsel."

Grell replied, "4 or 5 times in the past day I’ve been accused of being someone’s puppet. And I’m about done with that."

Jeremiaha asked him, "Grell how can you be sure that Glywyn is not leading you by the heartstrings doing their work?"

Grell said, "I’m also a bit tired of my personal affairs being tossed about in public."

And while there were a few more exchanges, that summarily ended the gathering at the Hollow for all practical purposes.