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Posted by on 1999 Mar 19 |

I Found the Lost and Found!

(Shard, Ilithi: 105 Lirisa 357)

I’m sitting at the bar minding my own business sulking after losing yet another tago to those darn mages down in Shard. As I take another guzzle of my drink I strike up a conversation with myself just babbling about how on earth can I support my family and keep up my home when I keep losing my weapons! The cost of replacement is horrid and I just know someone must have found it and want to return it but how the heck can they find me, after all I’m just sitting here at the bar trying to forget my misfortunes.

Suddenly I feel a soft tap on my shoulder and a stranger next to me says, "I’m sorry to bother you but I couldn’t help but hear you talking to yourself about your lost weapons. I was wondering if perhaps you’d checked with the new Lost and found list that’s out to see if someone might have found it."

Well of course I fell right off the bar stool and looked up at this stranger in awe. "What bloody list might that be and where do I find it?" I babbled.

The kind fellow stated "Ma’am just find DRlost-n-found, or DR-Lost-n-Found, you’ll find them on If anyone found your weapon, thats the place to look."

Well I was just overcome with excitement as I paid my tab and rushed out to find this, eager to join the list and find my lost weapons. "Goodness, I thought, maybe they have that backpack I set down and walked off without too!"

I stumbled out of the bar mumbling to myself, "If only I didn’t drink so much maybe I’d hold onto my belongings longer!"