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Posted by on 1999 May 20 |


(Crossing, Zoluren: 352 Dolefaren 357)

Or is it Immorality?

I walked through the Crossing, dazed by the lengthy Breath of the Dragon which seemed to hold all of Elanthia in its grip. I was glad to finally draw my breath again and be able to move.

I was heartened to hear that the Immortals themselves had intervened and upon this night while we remained at risk from more of the Breath of the Dragon, we could not die.

But my relief was quickly turned to disbelief as every few steps I took, I witnessed people fighting in the streets. Not against any common foes, no, but against one another. For fun.

The guards did nothing as people filled the streets with the sounds of violence, and decent people fled from the area.

But this was not the only cost of the night. As people threw caution to the wind, our empaths were sorely burdened by the walking wounded with many grevious wounds. Any one of these wounds would normally have killed them, but I saw people with two, three and more of these wounds.

Kitster told me, "I saw a couple of cases where people just let themselves get TOTALLY destroyed, and then expected empaths to make it all better. That seems inconsiderate to me."

Inconsiderate seems quite an understatement to me!

Some empaths finally drew the line and said “Enough!” evidently.

Maggus Hellslayer reported his own trouble after being swarmed in ogres. "Now i have to pay around 2 plat to get healed because no empaths would."

Those little bullies who like to murder upon holy ground declared it some sort of holiday, and practiced their blood sport in the cemetary non-stop. Worst of it was, they bragged upon their misdeeds!

Riverhaven, Aesry Surleanis’a, and Shard, did not seem to be filled with such awful news, though.

When the Immortals take from us this gift, I fear there will be many who die just because they have acted without regard and could not find healing in time.