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Posted by on 1999 Mar 27 |

Innocent Ranger Accused

(The Crossing, Zoluren: 132 Shorka 357)

Earlier today, I had fallen at the hands of a coffer from a field goblin in my quest for experience. The experience was to be used to collect favors as I realized I was out, and in retrospect I realized that it wasn’t a good idea.

At any rate, as I found a curious hole next to the lock that looked vaguely familiar, I attempted to plug it up. Instead, a burst of deadly acid hit my right eye and I ended up dying of the wound.

After getting healed, a kind Elemancer brought me to be resurrected. The fact that I didn’t have favors delayed the process a bit, but a very kind older cleric (with lots of favors) brought me to life.

The delay, however, became interesting. An empath by the name of Thissa came into the room and accused me of robbing her grave of a delicate ring, a herb pouch and much more. I was baffled at these charges! I had (nor do I now) no intention of ever harming another member of the realm unless I was in danger. I have now only six circles under my highwayman’s belt, and only four at the time.

As we got to discussing this, she told me she would search her past memories and told me to stay put. Being a ranger, I was reluctant to stay within the city but decided my guilt would be proved if I left.

I spent two hours in the cellar with another crazy fellow (to whom I grew quite fond) named Liono, and it really wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t lose a lot of my memories in the raising process and worked on my hiding and stalking skills in waiting.

Finally, after vigilantly defending my innocence and telling war stories relayed to me by my older brother, Ivanzyphre, Thissa pulled me out of the cellar and hugged me. I was confused – didn’t I allegedly steal some of her possessions?

At that point she said she owed me an apology. After remembering carefully and looking in her journal, she noticed that it was not Blinke, but in fact Blinlie. I was elated.

In the end, however, her items are not as of yet discovered. Though I ended up meeting some very interesting characters in Thissa, Liono, Lathia, Capella, and Leridil, Blinlie is still at large. IF you see this shady thievish character please inquire about his/her past activities and try to help out an innocent empath.