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Posted by on 1999 May 31 |

Kaldar, Gnomes Arrive on Pilgrimage

(Crossing, Zoluren: 390 Nissa 357)

After the initial surprise of the Kaldar and Gnomes first entrance into Zoluren, I sat down and spoke with one from each race at great length. They both come from a land far to the south of Ilithi and have come north following the Gnome seer Trimbolt Geepaz. Trimbolt has always been a trusted member of the Kaldar and Gnome society. However, as he has grown older his predictions have grown more and more strange, and many think him quite insane. He has recently prophesized that a warrior king will rise and unite the lands and people to protect it from a common enemy. It is widely believed among the Kaldar that this person is Lanival, returning again as his lands need him.

This vision has broken a sect of Gnomes and Kaldar off from their homeland, to follow Trimbolt on a pilgrimage in search of the warrior king. It has led them north, to Zoluren, where they met the Prydaen and Rakash refugees who were fleeing from the undead hoards of Lyra. The main group of Kaldar still live in their homeland far to the south, and, contrary to popular belief, were not driven out by the Gorbesh.

While the Kaldar do not like admitting it, the Kaldar and Gorbesh actually derive from the same bloodline. While the Kaldar are very strong and love combat, they are not nearly as warlike as the Gorbesh. In addition, the Kaldar prefer to live in the wilderness, while the Gorbesh construct cities and live in them. The Gorbesh consider the Kaldar a lesser race, and frequently raid Kaldar camps. For this reason there exists a lot of turmoil between the Gorbesh and Kaldar, so while some may consider them distant kin, there exists a deep hatred between the two.

The Gnomes live at peace in both the Gorbesh and Kaldar societies. They make mechanical devices for them, and in return gain their protection. These gnomes constructed the catapults used in the siege of Sorrow Spring and may have also made the Battle Spheres used in the same invasion. The Gnome society and beliefs is very similar to that of the Kaldar and Gorbesh, some Gnomes enjoy conquest and war, while others prefer the wilds and nature. The vast majority of gnomes still live with the Gorbesh and Kaldar south of Zoluren, as the pilgrimage led here by Trimbolt was only a minor break-away sect of the total population.


[Ed note: There is now an account of meeting with one of these Gnomish pilgrims.]