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Posted by on 1999 May 24 |

Kalivesa Haunts Theren

(Therenborough, Therengia: 364 Nissa 357)

Sorry for the late report, but I wanted to be sure that I had some of the facts right. The other night, the evil Kalivesa was sighted in Theren, right outside of the Keep. M’Lady Galya, fearing rightfully, ran away and hid herself away for the rest of the night. Myself, lacking aynwhere to go, went with M’Lady Lilea, Courtnei, and Salame to encounter Kalivesa. Upon getting there, Salame asked Kalivesa why he was in Theren, getting ‘business’ as him only answer. Salame then asked if his ‘business’ involved his child. After an extended pause and a few evasive answers, Kalivesa made a vaguely implied that it didn’t, saying ‘People should just stay out of my way sometimes.’

M’Lady Lilea pointed out that Kalivesa wore an engagement ring and asked why, getting no response. After some more threats from Kalivesa, which Kalivesa denied were even threats, some more bickering went on, with Kalivesa saying that he had business in Theren. For a small while M’Lady Lilea had been gone, and now she returned with M’Lord Valkrin. M’Lord asked why Kalivesa was in town. Kalivesa said, ‘I am getting tired of all your questions, to which M’Lord rebuked, ‘How could you, you have yet to answer one. M’Lord asked a few more questions, which Kalivesa refused to answer. Kalivesa then implied that he had more work, and that the work was not with Lord Torsten.

After a while more of bickering, Kalivesa left, heading north. I’m not sure what happened to the rest of my party after that, except they did not follow him. Taking thier example, I ran off, and as I was running, ran into Kalivesa. I didn’t move out of curiosity, and niether did he. After a moment, he asked me, ‘Cabriel, were you with that group?’ Not sure what to answer, I said yes, and he traces an arcane signal in the air. Afraid for my life after what I had heard, I ran and hid, and when I returned to the spot he was gone from the Realms. M’Lady Galya’s Champion Sir Lorrek has been missing for a while now, and was missing from missing that night. This continues to worry M’Lady, so if you sight him, please tell him he is missed. Now, I did leave out a few details, and some of this story may be slightly off, but it is as accurate as I could make it.

Taisar berid, Baresh!