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Posted by on 1999 May 11 |

Lost Stalkers, Reavers, and Wind Hounds

(Zoluren: 313 Skullcleaver 357)

A large Gor’tog Barbarian steps up to the bar. Baresh glances at him and grins.

"The usual Fyn?" asks Baresh.

The Gor’tog nods and then glances around. Baresh puts a tankard of Bloodgrog on the bar. Baresh takes a look at the Barbarian and it doesn’t take him to long to figure out the patron is confused.

"Something on your mind, Fyn?" questions Baresh.

"Well, I was gettin’ offa one of them ferries that leads to the road to Leth. I had a younger friend with me and I was gonna make sure she didn’t get killed fightin’ dryads. Anyways, before we could even go to the Forest we were greeted by a wind hound. I was nae to afraid but it still confused me a lot. My friend and I quickly killed the beast and proceeded southwards. I sent a pigeon back towards crossing since I was unable to contact anyone with me gweth. We proceeded south and was greeted by stalkers, reavers, and more hounds. There was fighting all along the road from the ferry to Leth. Only one person was killed that I know of."

Fynrys stops for a second and guzzles down his drink and then stares at it.

He then continues "but that’s not what confuses me. The reavers and stalkers were unarmed. Baresh..Why would anything in its right mind attack without weapon unless it doesn’t usually use them? Maybe they weren’t invading. Maybe they were running…"

Fynrys tosses some coins on the bar and stands up. He nods to Baresh who is still pondering what has been said and then leaves.